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Double Dare CD Album

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Release Date: 04/11/2016

Discs: 1

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Debut album from one of the most heavily tipped pop punk bands in the world, Waterparks. The band who made their first trip to the UK in May to play Slam Dunk Festival have already featured on the cover of Kerrang Magazine with Awsten Knight featured in the magazine's 50 best rockstars on the planet today, at 42. The band who are managed by Joel and Benji Madden of Good Charlotte fame have been tipped heavily by Rocksound and Upset magazine with barely an issue going by since May without Awsten featuring somewhere.

1. Hawaii (Stay Awake)
2. Gloom Boys
3. Stupid For You
4. Royal
5. Take Her to the Moon
6. Made in America
7. Dizzy
8. Powerless
9. Little Violence
10. 21 Questions
11. It Follows
12. Plum Island
13. I'll Always Be Around